aboutWhat Is Homestay?

Homestay is a very popular accommodation option available to overseas students in Perth. It is a way of providing good quality, safe accommodation.

Homestay providers may be families, couples, single people or single mothers with children. All are selected to provide good quality facilities and are matched with students depending on the levels of service offered or requested.

Homestay provides:

  • Accommodation, breakfast and dinner 7 days per week
  • Room only  (limited availability)
  • Room only, share kitchen  (limited availability)

Homestay Providers often offer a student a room in their home as a way of supplementing household income whilst enjoying the benefits of experiencing the insight into different cultures that such provision might offer. Many people choose to operate their Homestay provision on a more formalised business arrangement, however accepting a student from overseas does mean that the family will make the student feel welcome and part of the greater household.

Host families will speak English, as this will help International Students improve their English. They will also try to help students with their day-to-day problems such as transport, banking and shopping. The homestay environment should be a place where students can live, relax and study in comfort and security.

Perth Student Accommodation does not enter into a contract with either the student or the homestay family but simply acts as the facilitator for homestay placement. Perth Student Accommodation takes all care when matching Host Families and Students but accepts no responsibility for problems arising (other than college counseling) once both the Host Family and the Student have accepted a placement.

A Whole New World

Students should be aware that every home is different, and that the Homestay Family/Provider might not provide all the comforts of the home to which you are accustomed. Host Families will help students when they first arrive by establishing an open line of communication and by having an open mind to cultural differences and practices, which may at first seem strange to both the Host Family and the Student.

Students are advised that they could be confronted with values and customs which are different to their own and that they have to come to terms with these differences whilst missing the support of their family and friends. Many issues can be overcome providing students maintain open communication with their host family.

So, what types of things can a student entering a homestay expect?

Most importantly:

You are coming to Australia and Australia is a multicultural country.

The majority of Australian families have children and pets.

Australian families live in the suburbs, which means that family members must use transport to get to work and places of study each day. It is most unusual for any Australian to walk to work or the place where they are studying.

Additional points:


Most of the Homestay providers have been chosen because they do not live too far away from the College’s. However, not every student can be lucky enough to live in a home that is very close to the campus. In many cases, public transport is the only option. The bus and train service is popular with students in Perth and it is not uncommon to have to take public transport from the Homestay family’s home to class every day.


Some Homestay families have pets. Most dogs are kept in the yard area and cats tend to be kept outdoors as well. Only students who are allergic to animals, frightened of them, or who have religious objections should make that clear on the Homestay request form so they are not placed in a home with animals.


Some Homestay families have children, other students or people who live with them. If the student requesting Homestay would prefer not to have other boarders in the same home, or feel they would be distracted with children in the house, they are asked to make that clear on the Homestay request form. Many Host Families offer to take more than one student into their homes, which may provide some level of extra support to the student. If this is an arrangement that you feel will not suit you, please let us know on your request form.


When the Homestay Officer for Perth Student Accommodation searches for homes, the safety and comfort level in each place is taken into account and used to match a host family with a student. Perth Student Accommodation insists that Police Clearance Certificates are available for all adults residing within the Host Families place of residence.

You will be given a house key and must look after it. Also lock up upon leaving the home, including closing and locking open windows in your room.

TYPICAL COSTS ( Guide only )

Room only from A$170 per week

Room, breakfast, dinner from A$280 per week

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