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homestay accomodationSTUDENTS – HOMESTAY REQUEST

Important notes for homestay request students:

  1. The non-refundable Homestay Placement fee of AUD $275 must be paid to Perth Student Accommodation (GST & international bank charges included).
  2. Students, agents or their parents must advise us as soon as possible if they plan to cancel or alter arrival details.
  3. Students must pay 4 weeks rent in advance. This must be done before arrival. Once a homestay has been allocated, payment instructions will be advised.
  4. Perth Student Accommodation acts as a facilitator only.
  5. Students applying from colleges other than Edith Cowan College (was previously known as PIBT) and Curtin College, or any students applying without a local agent, are required to pay a $100 deposit on a placement fee of AUD $275. This deposit is non-refundable. The balance is to be paid before arrival. (see item 3.) If the same students require airport pickup, a fee of $125 is required to be paid. If you have a friend or family member with you, we must be notified in advance as extra passengers will be charged accordingly by the transport service. We can advise the additional cost to you in advance. Airport pickup for first time Edith Cowan College or Curtin College students will be paid for by the college.
  6. Curtin College students wanting accommodation at Curtin 12 or McKay Street premises, should apply with this application form. Write the name of the accommodation in the ‘Special Requirements’ section. The placement fee for these facilities is $275. When the application is received, further instructions for documentation and payment will be advised.


If either party wishes to terminate the homestay agreement then the following shall apply:

  1. If the student elects to terminate his/her agreement with the homestay family then the student must give a minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice. Rent shall be paid to the homestay family to cover the period up to and including the date of leaving. If this leaving date is in the first four weeks of the student’s stay with the family the student will forfeit the balance of the four (4) weeks’ advance payment
  2. If the homestay family wishes to terminate the agreement then the homestay family must give a minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice. The homestay family will receive rent to cover the period to the date of leaving. Any surplus rent will be refunded to the student. In this scenario, the family will forfeit the right to retain a maximum of four (4) weeks’ rent. If the homestay family wishes to terminate the agreement without notice then the family will refund to the student, on a pro rata basis, any monies paid in advance. In this scenario, the family will forfeit the right to retain a maximum of four (4) weeks’ rent.


  1. Students experiencing problems with homestay should contact Perth Student Accommodation or the College Student Advisor to discuss them.
  2. Calling home to speak with parents or agents about a problem is fine, but not always advisable. The reason for this is that it causes unnecessary anxiety for parents and the problem that students are experiencing can usually be resolved by simply contacting the Student Advisor at the College or Perth Student Accommodation.
  3. Homestay Providers contact the Homestay Officer. If necessary, problems will be directed to the College Student Advisor.


Remember to leave furniture and fittings the same as how they were found. Students who want to move things or redecorate, should communicate with their host first.


When living in a family home please be careful not to waste water. Water restrictions apply in Perth and house owners are required to pay for excess use.


  1. Use of the telephone and Internet is NOT included in the accommodation fee. Internet access for students is at the discretion of the host. Students are advised to purchase a WIFI modem for their laptop upon arrival to become internet independent. Internet connection is the student’s responsibility.
  2. Students must be aware of phone etiquette, asking family and friends not to ring before 7:30 am or after 9 pm and avoid ringing friends late at night. Students should try not to talk on the phone for over 10 minutes, as a family member might be waiting for a call. Finally, if a call comes in for a homestay family member when they are not at home, students should offer to take a message.
  3. If a student would like a phone line installed for phone or Internet use, then they must request permission from the homestay family and all costs associated with the installation are the student’s responsibility (even if they move out at a later date). Installing a phone line can be extremely expensive, and students are asked to make a decision only after careful consideration.


Check with the host family before bringing friends to visit, especially if the invitation includes a meal. Many families have house rules, and students should be aware of them from the start. Not sure about something? Just ask.


Homestay with meals usually means breakfast and dinner 7 days. Full board means three meals a day (students can possibly prepare their own breakfast and lunch). Full board does not include continuous snacks throughout the day. If students are not getting enough food, they should communicate with their Homestay family.

If students will not be home for a meal they should advise the host family in advance.


If a student is going out or coming home after an acceptable time (please discuss with your homestay provider) they should let the host family know. Co-operation and communication with your homestay provider will ensure a smooth and enjoyable stay.


Students are responsible for their own laundry, including washing and ironing. Check with your host to find out how to use the washing machine and dryer properly and also the arrangement regarding use of laundry detergent. Some homestay providers may prefer to do the laundry for the student boarding with them, but this is not to be expected.


Unless otherwise agreed between the homestay family and the homestay student, you should assume that you are living in a Smoke Free Environment. Students wishing to smoke should consult the homestay family as to the appropriate area in which to do so.


  1. If you have booked the airport pickup service, please be patient if you cannot see the driver immediately. Airports are usually busy and you might not be the only student the driver needs to collect.
  2. The driver should have your name on a list and will also have the Homestay name, address and contact number. If you have a friend or family member with you, we must be notified in advance. If you’ve arranged for your family member or friend to stay with you at the homestay, we should definitely be made aware of it before you leave so we can tell the driver to take both of you (and confirm if this is alright with the homestay provider!). If a family member is travelling to a hotel, the driver will charge them for the trip and we should also be told in advance.

Now that you have reviewed the guidelines, please complete the homestay accommodation request form by agreeing to the terms and conditions and pressing the button below. We look forward to assisting you to find a safe and secure home while you study in our beautiful city!

Please come back to these guidelines or print them out for your reference.

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