Cultural Differences

Students will be made aware that every home is different, and that the Homestay provider might not provide all the comforts of the home to which they are accustomed. However, when we are searching for homes, the safety and comfort level in each place is taken into account and used to match a host family with a student. Host Families can help students when they first arrive by establishing an open line of communication and by remembering to have an open mind to cultural differences and practices which may, at first seem strange to both the Host Family and the Student. It is important to remember that for many students this may be their first time away from home and that they find themselves in a foreign environment which can, at first, seem very threatening. Students are advised prior to their arrival that they could be confronted with values and customs which are different to their own and that they have to come to terms with these differences whilst missing the support of their family and friends. This can be hard for them and Host Families should take care to bear these difficulties in mind.

Many Host Families offer to take more than one student into their homes. This is fine as it may provide some level of extra support to the student. Host Families should bear in mind that Perth Student Accommodation does not enter into a contract with either the student or the homestay family but simply acts as the facilitator for homestay placement. Perth Student Accommodation takes all care when matching Host Families and Students but can take no responsibility (other than counseling) once a placement has been accepted by both the Host Family and the Student.


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