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Included with this information sheet is a Family Profile Form which we ask you to take the time to complete fully. There are many questions on the form which may, initially, seem personal. However, the nature of each question has been given careful consideration. Questions are asked purely to ensure that we are able to provide a good match between Homestay Family and students.

Following are some notes that will help you to complete the profile form and maybe answer some of the questions that might arise.

Once you have completed the Family Profile Form, please return it to Perth Student Accommodation. Once we have received this, we will call you to arrange a time when we can visit you to get to know you, talk about the kind of Homestay you are interested in supplying and answer all the questions that you might have. Please do not be afraid to ask anything that you might find relevant or to advise us of any of the concerns that you might have.

It is recognized and it is acceptable that there are different types of homestay providers.


Some homestay families are natural carers. These are the families that would like to really look after someone else and almost become surrogate parents. They provide a family environment. This type of provider is better suited to a more dependent student or a student under 18 years old. Whilst there is a greater level of care, the students can be expected to undertake tasks that might be asked of a son/daughter.


Some families enter into homestay to supplement the household income. This is perfectly acceptable, however it should not detract from the quality of service provided. This arrangement is better suited to a more independent student who is not looking for the type of abovementioned interaction. House rules and what is expected of both student and provider is highly recommended.


This type of provider is looking for company, yet still has a responsibility to provide a certain level of service. A student in this arrangement is somewhat independent, yet provides companionship. Perhaps the student could even share in some of the household duties, just as a flatmate might do.


Some families enter into homestay to experience a different culture and the student provides the required cultural exchange. As you might determine from the above-mentioned categories, there are various types of people who enter into homestay. You might be more than one type. If so, please let us know on the profile form.

It is important that both the provider and the student fully understand the relationship that they will have with each other. The College will not discriminate against any of the above categories as we need a good cross section of homestay providers. Please discuss openly and frankly with the Homestay Officer the type of homestay environment that you are providing.

The Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMA) have made it mandatory, for the purpose of a Student’s Visa, that all students under the age of 18 (minors) are living in approved accommodation. Homestay is perfectly acceptable because all of our providers must supply a Police Clearance and our Homestay Officer visits every home.

If a minor is placed in Homestay accommodation, the College does have an expectation that a special level of care will be afforded to them. This does not mean that the Homestay provider acts as the student’s legal guardian, but more a ‘local carer’. If you take a minor into your home and feel this puts a greater obligation on you as a provider then you need to specify whether or not you would like to charge extra. However, Perth Student Accommodation does expect that the provider take on more of a type A role (carer) and the student’s welfare is uppermost in your considerations if this is the case.


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